Monday, May 9, 2011

Versatile Blogger & Cricut-tastic Awards

Wow, what wonderful blogging friends I have. Sandy @ and Maria @

Tremendous talent at those blogs and I do love to visit people who have a great sense of humor. So both ladies fit the bill and are worth checking out. Not once, but repeatedly. Maria's blogger award says to state 8 things about myself and pass them onto other bloggers. Sandy's says to state 5 cricut related things about myself, post the badge proudly, and pass it on to others. I don't get a lot of time to venture out in the blogging world to discover everyones awesomenes, but I am very aware of how amazing each of you are. I apologize wholeheartedly if I miss someone or repeat from earlier awards, but really, I don't know that many people!!! LOL! So if you are accidently skipped, just reach up and grab these for yourself and post them proudly. Each and everyone of you deserve them. I'll try to do blogs that I haven't mentioned before or if its been awhile, that way hopefully you can all find some new ideas to inspire you.

Okey dokey, that being said... Hmmm 8 things are:
1) Dutch Bros is my all time favorite coffee to snab on the go.
2.) Cinnabon espresso coffee is my favorite to brew at home. But getting harder and harder to find at the stores!
3.) I detest weeding immensely.
4.) I prefer housework to yardwork. But would rather overlook both. :(
5.) I like my neighbors.
6.) We have a zip line in the backyard. And yes, I have tried it.
7.) I find ebay to be an adrenline rush
8.) I recently discoverd that my treadmill is NOT my friend!

And 5 cricut related things about me are as follows:
1.) I had a baby bug for over a year and didn't make anything.
2.) Once I did use it I quickly fell in love, sold it to a friend, and upgraded to the big one.
3.) I have so many cartridges that its easier to hand hubby a list of the ones that I don't have rather than the ones I do.
4.) I love the paper piecing process but detest some of the tiny cuts on the disney ones. They are awesome cartridges with so many extras, but sometimes I go rounds with them because of the eyes and lips on some princess's. Sometimes its best to walk away and come back!
5.) Short of the E2, I do believe I own all the pc machinery. And I own most of the cartridges. Except for some of the limited ones. They just aren't ringing my bells and I see alot of cuts that I have on other cartridges. But most full carts are in my collection. Can we say YIKES??? Please don't tell Lantz. Please don't tell Lantz. Okay, I am sure he already knows. But we just don't need to point it out. :)

Alrighty then. Thats all you ever wanted to know about me and more. So I am off to list the blogs that I am forwarding these too...

The Versatile Blogger goes to:

And the Cricut-tastic shall go to:


  1. You are sooo funny. I always leave your blog with a smile. hugs from Ukiah

  2. Thank you!!

    A zipline in your backyard? Cool.