Friday, May 6, 2011

Recycling some electric fence wire.

True scrappers use whats around them. LOL! So imagine my joy while I followed the hubs around hanging the electric fence. While standing there holding the spool of wire I couldn't help but think "Hmmmm... Wonder how flexible this stuff is? Can I use it for something?" There was alot of wire left but the hubs took it away to his shop. But not before I managed to snab that small mangled section. Hee hee hee.

The bonus to all this? I finally got to use the wire snipper and plier set the hubby bought me several xmas ago. Still have not come up with an occasion to use those safety goggles that was in my stocking... (What the hell does he think I "DO" in there?)LOL! Gotta love the man. He's a crack up!


  1. Super cute idea! Us cardmakers can use just about anything, I love it

  2. ROFL... you are so funny. you never know, you might get a chance to use those safety glasses... You are so creative.. love the card. hugs