Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thank you Provo Craft

I didn't cry, but I did whimper a bit. My beloved gypsy died. And I was without it for so long. I didn't want to continue the hassle with my "extended warranty" company. To give you the jist of the story, the warranty company that was suppose to fix it, didn't even know what a Gypsy WAS. So I didn't feel so great about sending her to them for her operation... So after calling Provo a couple times, it was resolved. They had me ship her in and sadly she was pronounced DOA....

So after a few seconds of appropriate silence... they agreed to ship out a new one. Yes my first one was taken away to soon. Yes, I can't truly ever replace her. BUT it was sure nice of PC to send me another one so I can at least carry on with crafting!

So, even though I've had issues with them before, I am very happy with them helping me resolve this.
Hope everyones Sunday is beautiful.


  1. Oh i am so happy to hear ProvoCraft replaced it for you.. they did that for me.. they are so AWESOME...

  2. Sorry to hear about your gypsy. Happy to hear ProvoCraft hooked you up. :)