Wednesday, May 23, 2012

PDDU Challenge

Welcome new followers. Thanks for joining us! I will be by to check your sites out and if I am not already a follower, well, I will be!

I feel like I let everyone down on this particular project. I wanted to do something with that sand castle but just could not squeeze in the time to get to the craft room. I won't feel too terrible because I know you have all been there. But I will step it up a notch on  my next assignment.

I do like this one, even in its simplicity. It cracks me up and I know it drove the point home. Kids nowadays love that long hair. My son included. But this chic doesn't like long hair on boys overly much. Now some boys can pull it off. But my son and nephew, not so much... So this was perfect.

I used the hair accessorie feature and cut it out at 5.25". Which still seemed a bit small but I went with it.
Just used a normal font and printed what I was trying to say on the computer. Really, the easiest and quickest card I've ever done I think!

Paper was not marked by manufacturer unfortunately. I really like it though. Love clearance bins but sometimes the "details" on the stuff your buying is missing. So if you recognize it from somewhere, shout it out. Its a really great guy paper I think. Or for kids cards.

Have a fabulous Memorial weekend. Thank our vets. Cherish your family. Have a great time!

 Miss Sheena

Miss Agnes

Miss Dawn


  1. Oh yes, that paper is perfect with this card. You are doing a super job Kristie, I am sure no one feels you are letting anyone down ... We all get busy with " life".. Have a wonderful week end my friend.. Hugs

  2. Lol great story. I don't like long hair either.

  3. Ps you are doing a great job. Have a great week. Hugs

  4. lol great story. Some boys can pull it off, others not so much and it seems the ones that can't are the ones wanting long my nephew was one of them

    Hugs, Sheena

  5. i left something on my blog for you my sweet friend