Sunday, April 15, 2012

I am feeling a CHALLENGE coming on!

A paper doll dress up challenge that is. Whose with me?! LOL! Well, I know Agnes, Dawn, and Sheena are...

Never in my life have I explored a cartridge all the way thru. Lets face it. I am a cartridge hoarder. Not user. If you are like me, you might want to follow along and see what we come up with. Even jump in and make your own creations. I'd love to see what you come up with.

The four of us will be completing the series without (hopefully) losing our sanity. I, for one, am MEGA excited. So if you would be so inclined to check us out each WEDNESDAY, we'll have some great stuff to show you. I am absolutely positive that the cartridge has some surprises in there. Ones I know I have forgotten about.

This is going to lead to great things. I just know it!

Yes, I will be posting more. I won't promise a post every day. But I am feeling that crafty itch that can only be vanquished by getting out to my craftroom. LOL!

This awesome series will begin April 18th. We will be starting by posting a Spring themed tag. Then on April 25th we will start exploring PDDU. Each lady was assigned a different page to work with. So it should be a hoot to see what each of us comes up with. The challenge has my dedication thru mid July. I am super excited because that cart has sooooo much more than a paper doll. So save us, bookmark us, stalk us. Whatever... But do note to keep checking in.

Kristie - (thats me!)HA!
Agnes -
Dawn -

Have a great weekend peeps.


  1. you are too funny, love you my friend. :)

  2. How exciting, i can't wait to see what you awesome ladies come up with... hugs