Thursday, December 29, 2011

Snowman Gift Set

Pretty sure my sister in law doesn't check my blog. But just in case, I cropped the pics to weed out as much of her floor as possible. Ha Ha Ha! This is the snowman card that I made on Christmas Day. Gave to my sister in laws sister. What would that make her? Not a sister... But I see her almost as much as I see my sil. So maybe... :)

Anyways, Recollection stamp for Mr. Frosty. I just love their foam stamp sets. STILL haven't made it out to the craft room since that day to find out the name of the paper pack I used but its from Michaels. And I'll let you know eventually if you care. HOW DO YOU GUYS KEEP UP WITH ALL THE DETAILS to describe what you did and used? Maybe that should be my new years resolution. Write it down!!! But I think I'll be happy with just making it out there to create and leave you hanging on the details from time to time. HA!

Hope you are all having a fabulous day.


  1. Oh i love the blue little case you have put them in... that Snowman is adorable with the snowflake.. well i for one want to know how you made it. You never know i might want to scraplift it and how can i if i don't know the sizes??? I don't put the sizes on my because i don't think anyone would really care to scraplift mine.. but sometimes i think i come up with some cute ideas, but not very often... and sometime i post something i have scraplifted and just give the link... well enough of my rattling on...

  2. Awww, this is just so cute, my friend!

  3. Great snowman set! Nice to see you posting again! I usually do a post with the details and save it as a draft until I snap the photo!

  4. what a fun stamp! Love it all in blue! I have this nifty sheet I found somewhere on line and it is basically a fill in the blank type thing and I can write it all down while I am making it! Been a real lifesaver!