Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Season's Greeting

Pardon the bad pics coming at you... for the near future. They were taken in a dark hallway with my phone. But at least I am posting!

The paper was purchased at Micheals (I will come back and post the manufacturer here in a bit) but I wanted to make sure I at least got this much on here. Recollections for the stamp. LOVE IT!

I did six of these for a "set" to give away for christmas. They were done in a hurry so I didn't have time to get good pics or details for you. Over the next few days I'll be posting the others I did in my wild spree of card making. I was super rushed because I did them a couple hours before we were going to a party. But man, it felt SOOOOO GOOOOOOD to be crafting again.

I won't tell you the state of my craft room at the moment. No, there were not any recorded hurricanes in Oregon. But off the record... I believe one hit my room head on!!!

Hope everyone had a super fantastic holiday. I've missed you all while I was away and hope to be hopping to some blogs soon to visit. Take care everyone.


  1. It's okay about the lighting, I can tell your card set is just beautiful and I'm certain it made a wonderful gift!!!

    Thanks for taking a moment to stop by, my friend! I always enjoy hearing from you!


  2. Well i have been say you have been terrible missed my friend. So good to see you posting again, i can imagine what your room looks like, lol... i think it's probably the same hurricane that came through Ukiah and just hit one room in my house too. Super super cute.. i love the paper. So glad you are coming back.. i have really missed giving you a bad time. sending hugs to you my friend.

  3. what a great gift idea! I think your tornado also hit my room in Utah. Thanks for sharing. Cathie

  4. Neat container for your cards.

    Happy New Year,
    Carson's Creations

  5. okay if I can show off my messy desk, so can you LOL!I am off to surf your blog but I have already spied so much inspiration that I had to go pull out my totally unused Seasame Street cart and plan on making some fun winter cuts with it! Thanks for getting me motivated!