Monday, September 19, 2011


It has been ages since I updated my Gypsy. I had no idea that there were so many new cartridges out there. For some one that had every cartridge there for awhile, I really missed the ball on this one. Good thing I lost the feeling of having to have every single one because alot of these images are repeats. And some are just plain bizarre. IMO.

But all the updating is done so maybe while I am laying around chilln' by the pool the next couple of nights I might get some stuff put on there. I could try at least. Cause' its not happening the way it is!

Hope everyone stays crafty while I am away on seminars!!!


  1. AND who is going to be taking care of the precious little one while you are at seminars????
    Must be the life to just lay out at the pool. lol I agree there are a lot of repeats on the new carts... hugs from ukiah

  2. ROFL- you r just too funny... Have a wonderful time. I am glad to hear grandma will be taking care of the little one.. I wish I did beautiful creations, only if I am scraplifting... Hugs

  3. At the pool?!!! Okay lady, after your seminars, get to some scraping and crafting!!! LOL!

    Hugs, my friend!