Wednesday, September 28, 2011

For the sight impaired.

****Hmmmm a few of my posts didn't go out in time. I found this one still sitting here. So its obviously past grandparents day! I will still post to remind everyone to find other ways to make the elderly love ones day.****

Yeah. I am not quite there yet. But I am getting closer every stinkin' day.

My grams unfortunately is already there. And as she ages, she gets to enjoy less and less.

Last month she was complaining that there was no point in people getting her cards because she couldn't read them. And she is sad that she isn't able to write to people anymore for her xmas cards. Well, isn't that just sucky?

So it was grandparents weekend and she was sitting by herself on the patio. So I ran in and quickly made her this card. Its that huge poster board folded in half.(Card ended up being 18" high x 14" wide. It was huge! Using A Childs Year this was just so easy and quick. She got a huge kick out of it. And it literally took me just a few minutes to make her whole day.

So I encourage you to think of some of your parents or grandparents and do this for them if they are struggling. We don't have to stop completely, we just need to find another way.

And yep, I even volunteered to write her xmas cards when she's ready to dicate them.

Tis' the season to get ready to be selfless and giving!!!


  1. OH... she is certainly blessed to have you... you are the sweetest... hugs