Thursday, March 10, 2011

Puppy Love

Here is a quick "Puppy Love" layout that I did a bit ago. Just used a couple sheets of My Big Idea paper and my paper pups cart. I must say, two of these pups are not ours, they are my moms. But since they live right next door and he spends alot of time with them, I included them too. I am often on dog duty at their house when they are out of town, so yeah, sometimes I have 6 dogs runnin' around here. Its crazy, but its fun. And Jaryd always has a great time with them all. I can't think of a better pet to grow up with than dogs. They are obedient. Faithful. And so full of devotion, I tell you, it doesn't get better than that! Happy day to ya'll.


  1. You are right, there is nothing better than having dogs.. and what a great layout...

  2. Awww its sooo cute and totally love it. Wish I had my dog with me.

  3. Love your layout! And I love those fur-babies too! One day I'll have to do a scrapbook of my Buster!!!