Monday, March 21, 2011

I am Stylin'

Kate aka "froglegs" over at Sassy and Scrappy has generously offered up this award to me last week. Please go check her out. Lots of fun stuff going on at her site right now. There is even a blog hop!!! But I was diggin' her work with the Imagine. Lots to see that is for sure.

I am suppose to list 8 things and forward to 8 blogs but will you forgive me if I just tell you all to grab this one? Each of you have style because I wouldn't follow you otherwise! LOL! I hope Kate doesn't mind this cheater way of doing it this time. But I have the worst head cold and am just about ready to pass out. I didn't want to ignore her generous post from last week either. So please, please, please, everyone go see her and then post this award to your sites. Your all amazing. Big hugs. K


  1. Yes you are definitely Stylin' - congrats on your award. hugs

  2. hello my friend...i haven't abandon anyone especially you but i know you know how busy are things here at home right now and they will be like it for a while. just shoot me an email once in a while :P

    hugs and congrats on your blog award.

  3. Yes, you are stylin' my friend!!! Congratulations!