Monday, February 20, 2012

Got Game?

Admittedly, not the best pictures but for the life of me I can not find the charger thingy for the camera battery. One would think I'd be organized by now. But I didn't want a lecture from Sandy with a Prius LOL! So I took it with my phone and got it posted. Sandy from Ukiah. Sandy with a Prius... I think it should be Sandy with attitude. LOL! Sorry love, just giving you a hard time! I am sure everyone visits her blog often but if you don't you should. Your missing some really great stuff!

You can check her out here;

Details? Ugh. Crud. I gotta give the deets. Hmmm.... The paper was from DCWV paper stack called Generation Tech Premium. Its a really great kid or man stack in my ever so humble opinion. Lots of uses for boys! Especially teenage ones.

Wrap it up produced the game console image, and was cut at 5". Used plantin schoolbook for the pac man. Just cut a circle and cut out a wedge - instant pac man!

I like the layout because there is room for bigger pictures and some extra journaling if I need it. I made this one in anticipation of a trip I will be taking with my neice and nephew. I figure they will be in the backseat with their hand held gaming devices and I must remember to get pictures!

Hope everyone has a fun day.


  1. What a great layout, i love Pac man, I have to agree with you, it looks like a good guy pack of paper... AND I have to agree you that you need to find that camera charger thingy. Lol. But you posted them with the details so I can't give you to bad of a time... I am very very impressed.
    AND I have attitude, BUT you don't ever want to see it... Lol

  2. Great layout!!!

    Is that our "sweet" Sandy trying to sound tough?!!! Like she really has at-ti-tude?!!! Yea, right!!!

    Sandy we love you but... LOL!!!

    P.S. Before you jump on me, my friend, I love you too!!!

  3. Kristie i have left something on my blog for you... Audrey is so funny..