Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Having fun playing with the etching cream.

Its been awhile since I etched something. Mom wanted regular plain salt shakers to fit her napkin holder. So I picked up a couple and my husband just had to question me. So I told him what they were for and then proceded to tell him how I was going to etch S for salt and p for pepper. He had this look on his face like I was the biggest moron he'd seen in quite awhile. He calmly pointed out that they were CLEAR and you could SEE which one was salt and which one was pepper. Good point. But still. I wanted to ETCH... What part of that is so hard to grasp? Any crafter would just go "great idea" but nope. Not my hubs. He has to point out how silly it is. Therefore ruining my fun. But then I seen some more decorative ones for mom and got those instead. They didn't require etching but I'd already purchased the other ones. Then I thought about it. My salt shakers are really tiny and I don't like them. And I collect Old Country Roses --- so I had this brilliant idea to etch roses on them so they'd be pretty sitting out.

Now don't fall over, I got the details of what I used. LOL!
I used the Walk In My Garden Cricut Cartridge and used image on page 98/ Cut out of black vinyl at 2.5" and covered the whole chabang with Armor etch for five minutes and then ran under water. Presto Chango! Pretty shakers. What do you guys think?


  1. Came out so pretty, and these would make great gifts!

  2. Great a new thing that I haven't thought about etching! Love it, they turned out wonderful. TFS

  3. Great etching!

  4. I am so impressed... Sizes , what cartridge you used... And they are just beautiful.. That sounds like something my DH would say... Lol