Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Apparently some of my "secret" followers are getting worried about the lack of posts to my blog. I guess you call them "lurkers"... Anyhow, several kind ladies have emailed me to ask why I am not posting more and inquiring if I am okay. The answer??? I am absolutely wonderful and appreciate your concern. :)

I was on such a roll there for a bit that it does seem like I just dropped off the face of the earth huh? I am going to try to get better and get back to posting and visiting everyones blogs. (Thank you for your patience with me!)Its so fun!

Honestly, I "have" been really busy. We all struggle with it though. So I will not whine. But I will try to explain. :) I work a full time job and have a hubby and kiddo. So as soon as dinner is done, I beat feet to the door to get 2-4 miles of walking done or catch a swim class to get my exercise crap done for the night. Get home, do the dishes, nudge kid to the shower, spend a bit of time with him after he gets out, then scoot him to bed. Then its my dh turn to get my attention while I squeeze in laundry, bill paying, and whatever else is slapping me in the face at the moment. SOOOOO after all that, if I am not ready to pass out, I can sneak out to the craft room for a bit. SOMETIMES. But not always. Often, I squeeze my crafting in on the weekends when J is out swinging in the backyard or chasing the dogs.

So all is well here. Really!!! Hey, I even was a winner on showcase #5 on Audreys blog @ cuteandsome.blogspot.com Can't post a pic of the award to prove it though cause' she changed her showcase a bit. But really, it did happen! LOL! I know, I was amazed too. There are so many talented ladies competing, I almost didn't go back and look. But I just love Audrey's site and have to check it whenever I can. :)

I was working on some baby hangers for a friend this weekend. I will try to get a pic of those and get them posted too. So there you have it. In case anyone else was wondering, I have not dropped off the earth. I am just dangling doing chinups. LOL! Take care everyone ~ Kristie


  1. Your night sounds like mine! Busy Busy Busy! I'm a night owl because I still want time to craft! Welcome Back!

  2. I do Understand myself, I am always out of the house running about, when I do have a free moment it is mostly spent trying to play catch up & finsh any obligations to my DT's ... then I can do my thing... which seems lately to be few & far between. Blah.... LOL